Company OverviewShannon Rawls pictures is a motion picture production and creation company creating a variety of top quality films, then turning them over to a major studio for worldwide distribution.  We are committed to bringing moviegoers the most original stories from the worlds most innovative filmmakers.

We are actively engaged in entertaining the world through production and distribution of motion pictures, television, music and technology through strategic alliances with media companies serving entertainment products. SRp was founded by Mr. Shannon W. Rawls who has come to be one of the most prolific and successful motion picture producers at the helm of two entertainment units that include Shannon Rawls pictures and Shannon Rawls music.

Over the past few years, SRp has obtained substantial recognition and worldwide distribution presence through strategic alliances with powerful media companies.  These alliances have provided SRp with a strong capital base and the distribution channels and exposure necessary for worldwide success. With these arrangements, SRp expects to assist in the control of the worldwide marketing expenses and distribution costs, giving the company more control over its own assets.

Mission: Shannon Rawls pictures has endeavored to find and foster new cinematic ideas by searching far and wide for the most inspiring and imaginative work for production that will leave an audience in ovation. SRp provides projects with resources and mentoring while serving as a production unit supplying content to media distribution for home and theatrical entertainment.

Products: Motion Picture and Musical entertainment. Including but not limited to Feature Films, Television Shows, Music Videos, Commercials, Webisodes, Music Albums and Soundtracks.