Klassy Kassy

Company Overview: Started in 2013 as a full line ready-to-wear clothing store by founders Kassy Dieujuste & Shannon Rawls, who would have known their leggings would take a life of its own. Within 7 months the shop began selling 100 pairs of leggings per day comprising 80% of their daily business. 3 years later and after becoming a worldwide name in leggings, Kassy & Shannon decided to split off Klassy Kassy as it’s own separate division, dedicate a set of staff to the brand and concentrate purely on leggings and bringing 100’s of new styles and flavors perfect for every season of the year.

We consider ourselves the international authority on “perfect leggings” for women. Our perfect 100% 5-star feedback scores and countless praises from customers worldwide is proof-positive we know what it takes to make your legs fall in love with you all over again.

Mission: Our Mission is simple: TO MAKE YOUR LEGS FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU.

Products: High quality women’s leggings, leggings for young girls and sport leggings for men.