Kassy + Company

Kassy & Company encompasses various facets that will help you when building hotels, commercial buildings, schools, malls or anything that is in need of tile material, including:

  • Checking inventory (stock check) to ensure that the material will be received in a timely manner and can be received at the job site.
  • Providing accurate sample pieces that will be used on the project.
  • Design Services.
  • Overseeing projects from start to finish (with the materials).
  • Drawing detailed specs for the client and hand renderings, if needed.
  • No hassles with 3rd party vendors.

Why Kassy + Company?

Our team has decades of experience in dealing with tile material such as natural stone, travertine, marble, granite, custom mosaics, medallions, murals, rugs, porcelain, commercial rated tile, wood flooring and much more.

We use our abilities to think outside the box in helping you implement the proper tile in the proper location and stay within the budget that is specified.

Mission: Kassy + Company brings a solution to the problem that large manufactures face when shopping around for good material at competitive prices. As a design Firm we provide access to manufactures that deal exclusively with large vendors such as Tile Stores, Furniture companies etc. We at Kassy + Co. cut out the middleman leaving the savings to you the consumer.

Products: Homes, Apartment Buildings, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Malls anything that is in need of tile material.