“The media and entertainment industry continues to undergo forceful change as companies try to establish and grow profitable business models that will entice today’s digital consumers. Businesses are recasting themselves to remain competitive, and this evolution is blurring the lines between studios and other content providers, telecommunications carriers, networks, and devices.”

Rawls Enterprises conglomerate has an established track record of helping, managing and creating tangible results amid market uncertainty. Executives turn to us for clarity and confidence as we address their most pressing challenges. We ask the hard questions, correlate information that others may overlook, and develop the innovative strategies that create value.

Our own private companies provide tools and solutions for 100% of our clients, which include leaders in all sectors. For example, we have undertaken a number of substantial projects for nearly every major movie studio and many major broadcast networks. RE differentiates through our deep tissue, hands-on experience across the global entertainment industry. We correctly size projects and assign the appropriate palette of experienced, senior resources. This method translates to pure value since the junior-level training and infrastructure costs associated with traditional consulting firms do not apply.